6 Steps To Increase Traffic And Conversions To Your Website In 2015

If your business is based online, increase traffic to your website is the first trick win you have to get to later be able to increase your sales and conversions. And with the number of companies that currently are on the internet, differentiation, specialization and investment, are three words you have to start driving from now !!

It is not easy, but nevertheless is the key. After all, every Internet marketing strategy or even social media marketing, bring ultimate quality of visitors and increase traffic to your website. The more visits, more likely to get sales.

how to generate sales leads online

Therefore, we recommend you pay special attention to the following points:

How To Increase Quality Traffic To Your Website?

The first objective will undoubtedly appear in the top positions of search engines. Only then, you'll be visible to users and get the long-awaited visits. Whether you have a blog, an information service or page or an online store, appear in the top positions of Google is the priority … But how do we get?

Content Marketing Strategy

As you know, the only, original and quality content is what you value most at this time Google for SEO. Therefore, almost any online marketing strategy and incorporates it as the basis of any other online action.

We will not reenter writing post (for that we leave this article), but let's go to the important aspects: how to differentiate yourself from your competition.

1.Looking for a unique and original content, and give your touch of quality and value for the business niche that you're headed.

2.It includes multimedia content. Use images, computer graphics and videos as the basis for audiovisual communication. Your visitors will appreciate it and see how quickly you get increase traffic to your website.

3.Optimizes all your content positioning, according to the concrete particular niche you head and their information needs.

4.Regularly publishes and disseminates the contents properly

On Page SEO

A well optimized website to SEO or online shop will get a rapid increase in quality traffic and therefore sales conversions. By this, it becomes a priority to optimize the SEO On Page and sometimes even in the beginning, do a little SEO Audit to know how you are and how you can improve. In addition ..

1.Make sure you start working those words that best describe you but for which you will seek and find in search engines. Always think Long Tail words and uses the appropriate tools to determine what the best.

2.Analyze your competition and find what is positioning.

3.On Page SEO works holistically, here we leave a post on how to optimize your website.
Improve your CTR, low bounce rate

CTR (Click through-rate)

CTR is often the most overlooked of SEO which is a big mistake, because it is a metric that tells you the quality of your content, keywords you have defined and the “ranking” in which move your ad (if you do Adwords) or your Snippet in the Google search results page.

To view the current CTR having your keywords, Webmaster Tools is the best tool for this, because you identify each and every word, so you count with a total analytically.

Regarding the bounce, you can say that it represents another cross into the SEO. It is often complicated by what is another global metric. Then pay attention to the usability of your website, loading speed, design and realization of Landing Pages and behavior of your niche market.

It incisive work on this particular point, will help to increase traffic to your website in no time, if you hit the right “change”.

Adwords Campaigns And Positioning SEM

Both Adwords as any positioning campaign based on CPC (cost per click) will not help you increase traffic to your site beyond the duration that have these site, and given that as much as we invest in Adwords (SEM) we will not have better results in the organic positioning.

However, well-crafted, marketing campaigns in search engines like Adwords allow us to significantly increase sales conversions (his main target) as well as generate corporate branding.

Design a Good Link building or Strategy For Achieving Links

The creation and realization of links pointing to your site, is one of the factors that undoubtedly will help greatly to increase traffic to your website. The Link building quality, is in fact one of the favorites of Google and SEO overall. For that:

Search naturalness when to get them. Buy or make reciprocal links will take you only enter penalties
Dofollow and Nofollow. The “manual” says that the most important are the first, but also need the seconds to the naturally so dear to Google. Look for quality over quantity.

Anchor Text Credibility

Anchor Text cares. Not always put them, sometimes not even similar. Work with structures brand / trademark phrases / sentences with Keyword / semantic words to generate even more ease and value.
Sometimes use just naked links, because it helps to get rid of the spammy zone and doesn't look like as a targeted link building method.

Getting links from relevant pages is critical, so it starts to interact with those that most interests you. Likewise, multiple links of thousands of general directories, no longer works.

Long Tail Pro VS Market Samurai – Which One Should You Use For Keyword Research

long tail pro vs market samurai

Many individuals have asked me why I think they ought to get Long Tail Pro, especially if they already own and use Market Samurai for keyword research. I’ve even been asked specifically, by multiple people, to write down a Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai post. I’ve been meaning to write this post for a very long time, but have been procrastinating. The reason for this is partly because I don’t feel 100% qualified to write anything positive or negative about Market Samurai. I’ve only used their free 10-day trial, and that was nearly a year ago when I did that.

However, I do have access to all kinds of information and sources on the topic that I can share and refer you to. I do own and use Long Tail Pro and am a big fan of the product, especially since the release of the Platinum version. I explain to you this up front so you fully understand that this post might come off as a slightly biased. I am personally okay with that though, as I feel it should be biased when my findings clearly show that one tool is better than the other for how and what I use it for.

long tail pro discount code

Using Keyword Research for Everyday Tasks like Writing Blog Posts

I’ve written several articles somewhat recently on the importance of using keyword research for blogging. The most popular and most comprehensive of these articles was probably this one. I made a big push in last year to try to spread the word to other bloggers and teach them how they could be using some simple keyword research and SEO tactics to drive more visitors on their blogs. It was actually within the comments section of some of these posts, as well as in e-mail, where people were asking me about Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai.

Market Samurai has existed for a long time when compared with Long Tail Pro. Not nearly as many people had even heard something about Long Tail Pro yet, but most people had heard of or even used Market Samurai. I am a huge fan, owner, user and affiliate of Long Tail Pro. For obvious reasons, I was urging people to check out this Long Tail Pro Review and purchase it for their own benefit. Some people already owned Market Samurai though and were wondering if they could essentially do the same thing things I was teaching with it instead. The actual answer yes and no.

YEAH – you are able to do the same type of keyword research with Market Samurai similarly to Long Tail Pro. Market Samurai even offers more stats and data points for you to analyze. A large part of it is useless (to me) and pretty much just clutters above the screen and causes more confusion. However if you already own the tool and don’t like to get another one – you can essentially find the same data with this tool. It just takes longer (more on that below).

NOPE – Market Samurai doesn't (currently) offer a Keyword Competitiveness (KC) feature like the Platinum version of LongTail Pro does. The KC feature is what makes all the difference, mostly for beginners or people who just don’t find out how to analyze all of the data that these keyword tools spit out. Basically, the KC feature enables you to simply investigate a number and compare it to a chart to check whether your keyword will be easy or hard to rank for. Lower KC means easier to rank for.

The Speed and Efficiency of Long Tail Pro vs Market Samurai

My guess is that many people who've used Market Samurai in the past just couldn't possibly justify spending all that free time to do keyword research simply for It simply takes too much time, and before you know it you could really have already had the entire post written! For anyone who is just like me, you don’t have that kind of time to waste. Here is how Long Tail Pro comes in and makes a world of difference.

Get Long Tail Pro Today! 

This is my conclusion on this debate. Especially if you already own Market Samurai – my suggestion is that you must get Long Tail Pro today. Not only that, but you should surely try the Platinum version. It does contain a monthly premium, but I absolutely consider that it more than pays for itself if used properly. Keyword research, even just for simple blog posts, can help you bring numerous targeted traffic to your site. This keyword research can easily be accomplished so quickly and easily with Long Tail Platinum that it almost doesn't make sense to not have this software!

long tail pro

Facebook Made Some Big Changes To Improve Their Social Media Strategy

Facebook, The leading social network has always been known for its large number of updates every few minutes, but in recent months is conducting a series of changes that are already affecting significantly to Social Media strategy marks way.
First, the drop in organic positioning of publications. According to Ogilvy, organic range of publications pages dropped to 6% in February 2014, and this drop has been even 2% in the case of big brands with large numbers of followers. Unofficial statements from internal sources indicate that Facebook is going to come down to 0% soon.
Why this drop has occurred?
The reason is the great expansion that Facebook has experienced in recent years, a growth rate of 50% annually: Users have many “friends” on social network it is impossible to display the contents of all of them in your timeline (one Average user receives about 1,500 messages per day). Therefore, it is necessary to prioritize, earn points and content that Facebook deems interesting. Aspects such as originality (do not repeat entries), the actual content (punishable everything sound like advertising), engagement or agreement with the insights of followers, including more than 100,000 variables are assessed.
At least, this is the reason that Facebook has. As a strategy ad hoc, has released a series of new advertising formats and gauges to facilitate commercial task marks on payment of fines: This is the case of ads Premium Video, Audience Insights, Facebook Audience Network or new metric on the engagement of the videos.
Premium video ads are in beta in the U.S. and its cost will eventually reach one million dollars a day, according to the Wall Street Journal. The operation is as follows: the video will start automatically when the user displayed in your TL, but without sound. To activate the sound, the user must click on the video. The maximum content duration is 15 seconds, and each brand is entitled to three different creatives with every purchase of space (only one per day will be displayed to avoid saturation).
Facebook introduced a significant change to the videos on YouTube, and audience measurement through Nielsen OCR. The ads will be purchased by GRPs segmented, and other classical segmentation options Facebook are not available for this format.
Creativity must be previously accepted by Facebook before publication. The social network has emphasized its desire that this new format becomes not intrusive for users, especially for teen audiences, the most likely to leave their account.
Regarding metrics, besides indicating the number of people who have started playing the video, you will know the number of views (3 seconds or more), unique users, the average duration of viewing and audience retention (ratio of view in a particular video fragment on its total length).
Audience Insights
It is a new tool for advertisers to know more about the interests of your prospects and refine its target. Among others, analyze the following variables: demographic data such as age, sex, status, occupation, family type, education level or lifestyle; Following pages; location and language; the technology used to connect and frequency or buying habits. Faced with the first criticism of the invasion of user privacy, has already announced that it will focus on the study of clusters, without attributing data to specific users with full name.
Facebook Audience Network (FAN)

Meanwhile, is specifically targeted to advertisers and mobile developers. This is also a new technology designed to target ads and applications based on user interests and their biographical data. Its main objective is to optimize the ROI of mobile applications on Facebook.
With these measures, Facebook intends to continue leading the monetization of advertising on Social Media, although the data suggest a leak of active users, especially among teenagers. Facebook social network remains the leader with 83% of users who use it, but the trend is downward and has experienced a decrease in the activity of their users (not brands) of 3% in 2013, according to the Monitoring Social Networking.
However, in terms of advertising, Facebook achieved revenues during the last quarter of 2013 achieved all 1.500 million, its highest profit so far. Furthermore, 53% of these revenues achieved through the mobile advertising (hence its efforts on technology FAN). These measures are targeted to improving the quality and not the quantity of ads on the platform, Mark Zuckerberg seeks to strengthen shareholder confidence. Do not forget the sharp decline experienced in 2012 following its entry to trading, when their benefits decreased 1,000 million (2011) to 53.

A recent report by BIA/Kelsey suggests that advertising in Social Media will triple over the next five years, rising from $ 5.1 million recorded in 2013 to 18,000 million. Half of this revenue is expected to be achieved through mobile devices and a local segmentation based on user location.

In conclusion, it can be drawn that it seems that Facebook will continue to increase their economic benefits through advertising, through highly segmented formats and a high cost, in order to limit the number of advertisers and optimize both the ROI and the user experience. Since the trend is to replace Publications for organic positioning, what will happen to SMEs that can not compete with these prices? Presumably, the major brands will stay in Facebook, while small and medium enterprises will have to undertake a remodeling their Social Media strategy and look for other similar platforms to their target with a more affordable cost.

Top 5 Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business

online marketing strategies | content marketing
According to some research studies, about one-third of consumers worldwide shop via the internet, with figures shooting up during holidays. So you'll be doing your business a huge disservice by not having an online presence.

However, an online presence isn't enough. You must adopt aggressive marketing tactics in order to spread word about your business and position it where prospects will find it.
Here are five proven online marketing strategies for attracting tons of prospective buyers to your start up or budding small business:

1. Content Marketing
This involves offering relevant information – for free – to your prospects with the aim of building trust and positioning yourself as an expert in your line of business.
To succeed at content marketing, you must offer valuable information that would solve your prospects' problems, answer their questions, and help them make well-informed decisions. Your content could be in various forms – blog posts, ebooks and reports, videos, articles, podcasts, and so on.
By adopting content marketing, prospects will see your business as one that truly cares about its customers. They'll see it as the go-to spot when they need your products or services.
2. Social media marketing

Social media is a very effective avenue for interacting with your prospects and building a strong relationship with them. Since its advent, social media marketing has been used by many businesses and brands to attract more prospects.
You too can quickly spread word about your business with social media. Set up profiles for your business on all the major social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.). Then start adopting strategies for building a massive followership.
Aside that social media interaction can convince prospects to do business with you, it's an avenue through which your followers can give feedback and helpful recommendations about your products or services.
3. Local SEO
Most online buyers now use the search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, etc.) to find products and services of their choice. And most of the time, they go with the ones that appear first in search results. This means only businesses with high-ranking websites can attract customers through search engines.

Presently, authority sites and global brands (Wikipedia, Amazon, New York Times, etc) dominate the top spots for most keywords. And the bitter truth is, these monsters can hardly be toppled by new websites.

So, a smart approach is to adopt local SEO, which involves targeting a localized audience. For instance, if you sell used cars, rather than target the generic “used cars for sale”, target location-based key-phrases like “used cars dallas” or “used cars for sale chicago”. Although this strategy will only present your website to a reduced audience, chances are very bright that it would rank prominently for such keywords.
4. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising
If you have a desperate craving for quick results, this strategy is for you. Rather than waiting patiently until your website climbs its way to the top of search engine results (which could take time, really), you can launch a PPC campaign.
Although you'll pay for each click on your ads, this strategy presents your business to online prospects – regardless of your website's ranking.
Aside that your ads would be displayed noticeably on search engine result pages, they'll also be displayed on blogs and websites with relevant content (you may disable this option, though).
5. Reputation marketing

This strategy involves building a 5-star reputation and spreading word about that reputation. It's a very powerful strategy because the success of a business hinges largely on the reputation it has built over time.
According to online marketing experts, 70% of online buyers rely only on customer reviews. So, the truth is, buyers are no longer interested in the age of your business or in the number of products or services you offer. What they want to know is how well you've satisfied your past customers.
Interestingly, online buyers will readily buy a product or service with some 5-star reviews – even if they've never heard of the business before. They trust opinions and reviews – blindly.
So, you must offer high quality products and services, and you must have selfless customer service staff. With these, your customers would readily give 5-star reviews about your business. And the more of such excellent reviews your business gets, the more new customers you'll attract.
content marketing | online marketing services

Reputation marketing could make or mar other online internet marketing strategies. A single 1-star review about your business can discourage thousands of customers – even if you have a high-ranking website, a strategic content marketing campaign, and a strong social media presence. But a good reputation coupled with those other strategies will bring awesome results.

If you're aiming to attract prospects to your startup or budding business, these strategies are just indispensable. Adopt them and you'll be awed at the results you'll get.

About the author
Sanu Francis Dutta is an entrepreneur and investor. He enjoys helping others succeed in their businesses by sharing valuable tips with them. Find him on Google+ and Twitter to receive instant updates.

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